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Supporting Healthcare Research through Logistics

Lab specimens are the first step to life-saving treatments, vaccines, and understanding the human body: they are irreplaceable. Having a specialty courier who can transport your time and temperature-controlled shipments around the world is crucial.


Key Impacts

  • Every shipment are tracked in real-time to eliminate human error and provide transparent, consistent communication
  • Ship globally with Optimize's courier network built of uniformed, professional drivers
  • Exceptional service that's second to none via trained operations experts who focus on healthcare logistics

University and Lab Research Services

Independent Labs

Lab specimen cannot be replaced or replicated. Using a specialty courier built specifically to handle medical specimen is crucial. 



Different teams need different handling protocols. Optimize customizes your operating procedures to fits your team.


Blood and Cord Blood

Transporting blood is highly critical. Optimize built our transportation process to help eliminate failures through serivce, communication, and technology.


Clinical Trials

The Optimize difference means having complete visibility into your shipments through the entire delivery process to create a reliable and happy experience.


Need support with a project?

Optimize is primed to support you with your specialty projects. Reach out today and we can create a custom logistics solution primed for you. 

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