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Critical Automotive Logistics

A stopped production plant costs an automotive manufacturer an average of $22,000 per minute. This is why automotive manufacturers must remain vigilant when selecting a specialty courier for the time-critical or line down logistics. 

As the complexity of your supply chain grows, so does your need for dedicated partners with the experience, reach and capabilities to help prevent line down situations through critical logistics. 

At Optimize, we offer a global network regardless if you need your automotive parts delivered via hand carry, next flight out (NFO) or charter. From inbound parts to finished vehicles that need to be delivered asap, our goal is to help you prevent line down emergencies and expedite your automotive parts or toolkits efficiently. 


Key Impacts

  • Dedicated Experts review every shipment to ensure your custom operating procedures are met
  • Delivering emergency parts, toolkits, and components around the world as fast as possible

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Optimize is primed to support you with your specialty projects. Reach out today and we can create a custom logistics solution primed for you. 

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