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Why choose Optimize?

At Optimize Courier, we believe our clients should be given solutions which are custom built specifically for their needs, not a list of system driven options. Combining personalized customer service, experienced personnel, a global network of likeminded service partners, and our high standards of transparency, integrity, & accountability, we provide a unique logistics experience and set a new standard in the specialty courier industry.

Transparency - We desire to lead the industry in transparency. With our unique pricing model, our open, honest, & straightforward communication, and updates at every step in the process, you enjoy a partnership rooted in trust and fidelity. This paradigm of clarity provides our clients with the unshakable confidence that they are receiving the best service available.

Integrity – If you glance through the mission statement of any corporate website, the majority will list integrity as being a core belief. We do as well. However, in the field of transportation, specifically, when speaking of time and temperature sensitive logistics, integrity takes on additional meaning. “Package Integrity” requires not only proper handling procedures but also the critical aspect of maintaining temperature consistency throughout the life cycle of a shipment. At Optimize, our commitment to integrity impacts every part of our business.

Accountability – At Optimize, our primary concern is you - not a system-driven procedure or a room of shareholders. We prioritize understanding your pressing needs because we know that your decisions can not be made on an "it might" or "we think" basis. We believe that you as the client are the boss and that you have the right to hold us accountable to the highest standards of effectiveness, efficiency, and customer service.

Moving forward, these values and our goal to develop long-term partnerships based on mutual trust make Optimize your low risk, high-value choice in the very complex, demanding, and heavily regulated industries we serve.

OPTIMIZE goes the extra mile every day to ensure that you receive the highest
level of personalized service and value with every shipment entrusted to us!